Michael Azzopardi Trio

Michael’s vehicle for exploring new original compositions and concepts is The Michael Azzopardi Trio. Featuring some of Australia’s best musicians Lloyd Swanton on bass and Hamish Stuart on drums. 


Featuring Jeremy Alsop (bass), Michael Azzopardi (piano/keyboards), Mark Charters (drums) and Rohan Wallis (trumpet/loops)
Formed in 2009, The Strange Music Of Reality (TSMOR) is an exciting new project exploring the possibilities of improvised music integrated with modern technologies.
Their music is rooted in Jazz Fusion, following the example of groups such as Weather Report exploring collective improvisation set to solid grooves, pushing the limits of ensemble interaction.
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Straight Up!

Featuring Eric C. Ajaye (bass), Michael Azzopardi (piano/keyboard) and Chris Thwaite (drums)
Canberra based Jazz trio Straight Up! was formed in 2005, with all 3 members having links to the Australian National University School of Music Jazz Department
(Eric - Lecturer, Michael - Student, Chris - Alumnus)

The trio serve up a diverse performance of original material ranging from subtle sensitivity to energetic, hard driving grooves, with material that touches the genres of straight ahead jazz, funk, and world music, all heavily grounded in improvisation.

They have independently released 2 albums:
"The Flow" (2006) featuring guest artist Miroslav Bukovsky (trumpet)
and "Another Year" (2007) featuring guest artist Anna Thompson (violin)

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